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A Lifestyle Piece of Art


Design Concept I Engineering CAD Design

Implementation I Content Creation

The ABUS HUD-Y pushes the boundaries of urban lifestyle and bicycle safety. Protection and style has never been paired that well. On a calm afternoon ride back home or through chaotic traffic at night, the rider’s visibility is always ensured, thanks to its removable magnetic rear light. The strong multi-mode light is complemented by smart ventilation channels, a proven fitting and all the high standard safety features that ensure optimal comfort for the riders.

Iconic Design
starts with a clear concept

It was clear from the start which direction the concept should be conducted to. A clear briefing with a list of technical requirements and a desired user experience was established in order to lead us toward our main goal; creating a clean, unique and feature-full helmet that will raise the bar in the urban segment.

build and test quickly

The design team at KRB.BERLIN was involved at each stage of the development process. From the first sketches, CAD surface design and prototypes to the testing phases and manufacturing optimisation, our team provided support and creative solutions in order to move the project as smoothly as possible toward the series production.

Award-winning Design
"We are astound to win the 2021
Eurobike-Award again. "


After such an elaborate development process, it is highly motivating for our client and our design team to be awarded with the highest prize from the cycling industry. We are not only proud that the result of our efforts has been selected for it’s unique design, high degree of innovation and functionality, but also thrilled that our teamwork with ABUS could lead to such a great recognition. It strengthens our trust in eachother as partners and increases even more our drive and willingness to develop innovative products together.

Award-winning Design
Quality made visible

Diverse safety features, like the in-mold cage with a visible air blade, a flip-visor for sun protection, a very comfortable fit and a high quality and stylish materials and finish, make this city helmet to a .

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We create clear brand portfolios,
set up trends and generate bestsellers

Trend research and analysis are an integral part of our design process. At KRB.BERLIN, we are not only following the current trends in terms of colors, materials and technologies, but are leading the way to new and exciting aesthetics. We think that as a design studio, it is our responsibility to push our client’s taste forward and take calculated risks toward

state-of-the-art designs while taking into consideration the target groups and clients positioning into the market.

ABUS HUD-Y Graphics
fresh colors and patterns

For the ABUS HUD-Y’s CMF design (color-material-finish), we kept the color and graphic palette quite simple and functional to stay in line with the minimalist essence of the product. A reduced amount of color variations allowed us to propose elegant and vibrant CMF combinations in a clear and manageable product range.

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