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Allround MTB Performance


Design Concept I Engineering CAD Design

Implementation I Content Creation

As one of the first launched helmet of the new ABUS MTB range, the ABUS MoDrop is a high quality MTB helmet with many state of the art safety features on a medium price level. The goal was to create an affordable helmet for everyone. Thanks to a very economical construction, we realized a premium helmet for all your needs on the trails.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-07-08 um 19.22.43.png
Design Language
corporate portfolio branding

The design language is part of the overall portoflio design strategy with many key elements translating visually the corporate brand values. Helmets that show their potential as one of the safest and functional products in the market.

Aproved by athletes.

The development of the MODROP necessitated a special approach and collaboration between athletes, designers and product managers in order to integrate all the requirements and functionalities in an economical way. Features like an integrated visor, a defined fitting position for goggles, as well as the plug-in solution of QUIN smart sensors, combined with a very comfortable fit, make it perfect for every offroad session out there.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-07-08 um 19.22.51.png
Mountain bike pro Steffi Marth
"The MODROP is a great helmet - lightweight and with a very good fit. The beautiful and especially unique colors and patterns make it something special. "

Key sketches
our design goals



Our design approach starts with the definition of the key functions. Finding a mechanical solution for every detail and then, integrating it into the design language is the best way to make sure, it is the best solution and most valuable design possibility.

functionality made visible

To enter new markets with innovative products, an iconic design that shows the key values of the product is the most effective way to get attention immediately. Then convince with quality and show that you have put much love into all the little details to make the best product.

MTB color & graphics

As part of the overall color & graphics palette for the MTB portfolio, we designed clean pattern elements with some poppy colors, that highlight the highly protective signature line as key element of the new ABUS MTB design language.

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